Grandma Always Said

Your grandma died in her sleep last night

With your grandpa by her side

And pitch black all around her

Except for the translucence of her skin

And the spotlight created by the mergence

Of ambulance lights creeping in the distance

And as you watched her wheeled out of her home

Nightgown cut open, bra exposed

All you were hoping is that she took her own advice…


Always, always wear clean underwear.


Because that’s exactly what youngsters do

In their innocence they hold onto

The requests of their dying elders

Not the realities of real life emergencies

But, now you know a little something ‘bout living

And that no matter how much you pray

No matter how much you plan

Or, how many times you check the cold stove

And the locked deadbolts on the door

No matter how many times you glance left to right

There’s not much you can really control except your drawers

So, to this very day all you can hear her say is…


For goodness sake, make sure you’ve got on clean underwear.