D’Rose Writings: The First Collection



What’s asked

What’s given

Not matching these days

Please find the space

Where love is made to order

Grilled perfectly

So we don’t have to

Put out fires that

Don’t exist

Wonder why so angry

Black women yelling

Yelling through clinched teeth

‘Cause it don’t make

Sense, it never does

Never was space requested

It’s created all on its own

In fact, fill it

Fill it up

Fill up the space with your presence

This can’t continue on

Trapped, caught up in this

Space, man-made space

Non-womanist space

Keep the cycle going

Oppressed by the Oppressed

Created space

Like Ice Cream

He says I’m like ice cream
And I won’t disagree
Cause don’t the saying go
Something like, “you are, what you eat”
So maybe I am
So consistent, so sweet
A classic addition that makes everyday a treat

There to comfort, to be consumed
It starts off hard, maybe even frozen
But damn, when it melts
It’s so soft and so smooth…that ain’t no easy feat
So, yes, I am like ice cream
I’m glad you’ve finally seen
The mix of many flavors from my head to my feet

You can pair it with a slice of sweet potato pie
And you’ve got the ultimate ending
You can place it beside warm apple crisp
And you’ve got a midnight conceit
You can have it in the Summer sitting on the stoop
And on cold Winter nights with the kinetic theory of heat
So go ahead and nosh until your heart is complete

‘Cause I’m the homemade kind, all natural
Shake it up, no pairings needed for me to beam
I am consistent
I am classic
I am sweet
So you are right it seems
I am like ice cream

by Demetria R. Giles

A Summer Series #1: Making & Giving

This is a story of

Making love and giving love

Making life and giving life

Making the present, making the future

And giving it…

All at the same time

But no tears mama, no tears

No time for crying now

Only making and giving

Making and giving

Push beyond the pain

Sit back, watch and get real

‘Cause sometimes it is in vain,

As your love is given, given, given

Never to return the same

Hold all lessons on taking risks

This is done-on-the-daily

With every smile given

And every hug wrapped

With every letter written

And every box packed

With every claim defended

And every truth told.

Can a cycle only have two parts?

Making and giving.




No End.



-by Demetria Giles

Dear Justice

Dear Justice,


It is the eve of Mother’s Day 2014. And as nightfall approaches, I am overwhelmed with countless thoughts of gratitude. But above all things, I am grateful to be your mother. Your mere 2 years and 8 months of existence has already transformed my life. I should have known when I became short of breath during your arrival that the master plan was for you to continuously knock me off of my feet.


Everyday, you push me—NO, force me—to become a better mother, daughter, teacher and friend. Because of you, I live better. I laugh more. I love deeply. So, I wanted to take the time while I am blessed and able to tell you why I love you so.


Justice, you are a Risk-taker.

  • You show no fear. From waving to complete strangers to climbing the tallest playground fixture to running out of stores and into traffic. Your “Heremakhet” is already proving to be more developed than my own. Do not lose that along the way. Take risks in life and in love. It will make you wise and empathetic. Refuse to let fear dominate your life. Be bold.


Justice, you are Curious.

  • My goodness. Where do I even begin? You have a wicked ability to observe. You take notice of everything. From the number of flowers out front to every crack in the sidewalk. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes to walk 3 blocks because you have the urge to stop and stare at everything. These days it is not uncommon to hear you say, ”What’s this?” New sounds, new sights and new sayings fascinate you. There is so much for you to learn. I promise to always answer, lead you to the answer or motivate you to find the answer to all of your amazing questions yet to come.


Justice, you are Loving.

  • You are capable of giving and receiving love. Often times, it’s a hug from your friend Ca’Ryn or a kiss from me to you. You even give your grandparents fist bumps and high-fives. I want you to know that your early years were surrounded with affection. I did not shy away from demonstrating how to start and end each day with showing love to the people you love the most. Remember, it’s not a girl versus boy thing. Do not fall into that trap. Love is a human thing.


I’ve only chosen to highlight a few things I love about you in this letter today. But it is definitely worth mentioning that you are also: tenacious, joyful, imaginative, confident and energetic. And I look forward to seeing you become: independent, trustworthy, thoughtful, disciplined and altruistic. This is a narrative I have constructed for you. As you get older, you will begin to construct then deconstruct and reconstruct your own narrative. I hope that as your story unfolds, one day you will have the opportunity to experience the same love and gratitude I have at this very moment.


Forever your mommy,


Demetria Giles


P.S.—Peace, patience and progress.



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