Stuck In Love

It’s like being stuck, even frozen

But the feelings, undeniably intact

I’m conscious, way too conscious

Floating around you, beside you

Sometimes even above you

As you try not to see me

All the while longing to be with me

Longing to make a move

But I’m here, reawakened

Unclaimed and highly disturbed

I see you, I hear you

Swear, sometimes, even smell you

But we are forbidden

To pass poisonous kisses

Forbidden to call your name

To say your name like I know you

Like I’ve known you

Like I knew you

Stuck in a motionless place

This bedridden state

This chamber of secrets

Praying for others’ miracle

So I can finally find mine

Impatiently waiting

For moments of clarity

For life after a love coma


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