Like Ice Cream

He says I’m like ice cream
And I won’t disagree
Cause don’t the saying go
Something like, “you are, what you eat”
So maybe I am
So consistent, so sweet
A classic addition that makes everyday a treat

There to comfort, to be consumed
It starts off hard, maybe even frozen
But damn, when it melts
It’s so soft and so smooth…that ain’t no easy feat
So, yes, I am like ice cream
I’m glad you’ve finally seen
The mix of many flavors from my head to my feet

You can pair it with a slice of sweet potato pie
And you’ve got the ultimate ending
You can place it beside warm apple crisp
And you’ve got a midnight conceit
You can have it in the Summer sitting on the stoop
And on cold Winter nights with the kinetic theory of heat
So go ahead and nosh until your heart is complete

‘Cause I’m the homemade kind, all natural
Shake it up, no pairings needed for me to beam
I am consistent
I am classic
I am sweet
So you are right it seems
I am like ice cream

by Demetria R. Giles


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