Note to Self

Over the past few months, people have asked you “What are you doing?” out of curiosity over your physical (though, it’s more of a mental) transformation. And depending on the day, you have given a variety of answers. But after recent reflection, you have narrowed down your response to a three seemingly simple changes. Some, you have already heard before. And you have also written a “sticky note” for each to help with memory and motivation if anyone chooses to partake in their own journey.


1. No cable.

So, when you have nothing to watch you do not eat as much. Television and movie watching is notoriously connected to increased amounts of sitting and eating. So instead of watching TV, you are doing more reading, writing, meditating and exploring with your son. All things that are harder to do while chowing down on a cheese pizza. But you must admit. You do still own a TV. And, you do subscribe to both Netflix and Hulu Plus. However, these are mediums that allow one to control how much time is spent consuming media without missing anything important. If you only want to watch 15 minutes per day of a beloved “ratchet reality” show, you can. If you want to get to the “good part” of Orange is the New Black instead of throwing back potato chips while waiting in anticipation, you can. And you do. This is not a forever situation. At some point, you probably will have cable again and hopefully some of your current habits of “less is more” will still transfer. But for now, you are not missing it at all.


Sticky Note: Less Cable, Less Calories


2. No car.

This one kind of just happened. After your move to Brooklyn this winter, you realized that the 2-door Honda Civic would not stand a chance against a New York-style snowy day. (Plus, it needed some maintenance work and was due for a state inspection.) Long story short, you decided to leave it back home with your parents until you had time to deal with it and figure out how to not get parking tickets in the city. Best decision ever. It has forced you to plan ahead, prioritize your time and WALK! You have spotted things you would have otherwise passed by. You have talked to people you would have otherwise driven by without a care. You have gone to places you would have otherwise not dared to enter. And again, this is not a forever situation. In fact, as of lately you have been calling on your loyal friends at Uber more than you would like. So, your little red Civic will be here soon for those necessary weekend trips and late morning wake ups.


Sticky Note: Walk it out!


3. No microwave.

You know you are getting some side-eye looks on this one. But seriously, you do not own a microwave. Also, by accident. The past few apartments you have lived in all came with matching oven and microwave appliance sets. Your current BK apartment…well, not so much! So, long live the days of “not-so-lean” Hot Pockets. Goodbye to the days of microwave-boiled, chicken-flavored Ramon noodles. Peace out to the steam-heated, frozen vegetable bags filled with sodium. And give a hardy hello to fresh food! Melons, berries, mixed greens…not just in the summer but on the daily. (Shout out to Fresh Direct!) You wish you could say that it all started on a turn-it-around, health kick. But it did not. You wanted convenience. And what is more convenient than fresh fruits and veggies on the go? Try not having a microwave. Trust. It works!


Sticky Note: No mo’, Micro!


This is not an exhaustive list. It is also fair to mention that you do go to the gym a few days a week, drink plenty of water and take multivitamins. And do not forget, you hopped on the Herbal Life bandwagon last summer. But you are a fan of sustainable practices, so you hopped off after only a few months of results. However, you would say hands-down that no cable, no car and no microwave have been the most consistent and impactful life-changes. So, let’s bring it back for a second. “Demetria, what are you doing?,” asks a long-lost friend. “Well, see numbers 1 through 3”. That’s your answer and you are sticking to it.



Peace. Patience. Progress.

Demetria Giles


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